1 something that grows out.
2 an offshoot; a natural product.
3 the process of growing out.

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  • outgrowth — [n1] projection bulge, enlargement, excrescence, jut, node, offshoot, outcrop, process, prolongation, prominence, protuberance, shoot, sprout, swelling; concepts 471,824 Ant. ingrowth outgrowth [n2] product, consequence aftereffect, branch, by… …   New thesaurus

  • Outgrowth — Out growth , n. That which grows out of, or proceeds from, anything; an excrescence; an offshoot; hence, a result or consequence. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • outgrowth — I noun aftereffect, aftermath, development, effect, end result, eventuality, eventuation, excrescence, fruit, issue, offshoot, offspring, repercussion, result, resultance, resultant, sequel, sprout, yield II index amount (result), boom… …   Law dictionary

  • outgrowth — ► NOUN 1) something that grows out of something else. 2) a natural development or result …   English terms dictionary

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  • outgrowth — noun Date: 1837 1. a process or product of growing out < an outgrowth of hair > 2. consequence, by product < crime is often an outgrowth of poverty > …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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  • outgrowth — [[t]a͟ʊtgroʊθ[/t]] outgrowths N COUNT: usu N of n Something that is an outgrowth of another thing has developed naturally as a result of it. Her first book is an outgrowth of an art project she began in 1988. Syn: consequence …   English dictionary

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